Hello, I am Juli!

Nice to meet you

I'm a free-spirit at heart who also happens to love details and a good plan (a pretty clear 6w7 if you're into it).

I like to challenge myself, learn new things, and enjoy time with friends. I'm an extrovert who loves her alone time. I fell in love with photography trying to capture those beautiful Colorado views while hiking!

If I'm not taking pictures, you'll find me outdoors (hiking, snowboarding, anywhere in the sun) or embracing my home-body side (cooking, podcasts, movies with my husband!)


I'm originally from...

Indiana! (But I am a Boilermaker not a Hoosier, sorry it must be said!) I fell in love with the Colorado mountains but visit the Midwest often to see my family and nieces/nephews!

By day, I am...

Working part-time as a certified speech language pathologist! This was my first career and I love working with children and families (both as an SLP and photographer).

Favorite things.

Besides mountains, a few of my favorite things are spending time with my husband Drew (anything is more fun with him!), eating pizza, staying active, & my church family.